​​Tactical Driving is teaching professionals how to maneuver and convoy safely and effectively in the toughest terrains and highest pressure circumstances. 4x4 and Sedan training will provide skills to off-road and navigate obstacles and evade and pursue. Titan's Evasive Driving and Tactics Course are designed to teach small team/lone operators critical defensive driving skills, vehicle preservation and immediate action drills using multiple vehicle platforms commonly found in high-risk operational environments. This program can be tailored either to urban paved road or rural unimproved dirt road as to suit the client's operational training objectives.

Picton, Ontario, Canada

tactical driving training

 The foundation of the course provides operators intensive instruction and practical exercises on high-speed vehicle dynamics, technical driving techniques, high-speed maneuvering and evasive driving methods on multi-elevation paved, unimproved roads and off-road terrain.
During the driving disciplines, training incorporates proven day and night tactical immediate action drills, low-profile shooting from vehicles, vehicle down, bailout and fire and maneuver egress drills to prepare for the culmination mobility attack scenarios.

For information and available training dates contact us or email chief@titantc.com