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Courses designed from beginners with no or limited tactical shooting experience to advanced. TAC program is based on the Israeli Secret Service counter terror doctrine. The TAC program designed especially for home self defense side by side with concealed carry Active shooter mission profiles.  Individual & Team shooting scenarios.

Titan's High Risk Protection Training Program is a week long course. Designed by Former Israeli Commando's, Current Israeli Special Agent Instructors & Counter Terrorism Experts, International Special Forces along with some of the world's most elite Protection Agents and Tactical Specialists. This program is geared for those who are going into the toughest and most violent circumstances individually or as a team and seek to learn and enhance their skills. Be prepared for the unexpected at any time. At home or overseas Private Protection and Military Contracting can be the most demanding professions in the world. Make sure your agents have the skills and training to perform and prevail in any circumstance. 

Commando Krav Maga Combat

​Engineered for the most brutal and vicious street confrontations. CKM is not a traditional or sport-based martial art. There are no competitions, rules or regulations. Training is designed for the primary goal of survival in no rules environment.

Everyone deserves to have the skills to ensure you prevail and go home safe. 


​Use-of-Force certificate program for Security professionals. Learn the tactical side to arrests, take-downs and subdue, handcuffing, baton use, criminal code, approach techniques & more. 

All Titan Tactical & Combat Inc. Use-of-Force courses are sanctioned by GC Tactical. Certificates provided upon course completion. 


How to survive and resist in the event of capture. ​Evading capture, survival skills, and the military code of conduct. Designed for personnel considered to be at high risk of capture when in uncertain or hostile environments.
Instructed by S.E.R.E Trained Instructors and International Special Forces.



Tactical Driving is teaching professionals how to maneuver and convoy safely and effectively in the toughest terrains and highest pressure circumstances. 4x4 and Sedan training will provide skills to off-road and navigate obstacles and evade and pursue.

professional training programs

Courses for Professional Law Enforcement, Security, Private Protection Agents and Agencies. 

Contact us here or by email at Chief@titantc.com for Police Specific Division & Military training.