One-on-One & Team Training

One-on-one with a Titan TC Instructor selected to suite your goals and skill sets and based on your location. Learning is private and consists of 3hrs range time.

Team Trainings are customized courses based on your unit, needs and skill sets. We provide full instruction for military, law enforcement and armed security as well as logistics planning and coordination for your own training events. 

Course curriculum is customized to you and delivered in a learning mindset environment. Contact us to arrange a meeting. 

Breaching & Clearing

The Tactical and professional process of breaching & clearing is used by military, police and emergency services to force open and secure an area from enemies, hostile civilians or any other threat that awaits undiscovered.  

Participants engage in smoke & clear, frag & clear and flash & clear.
A wide range of methods are available, one or more of which may be used in any given situation and will be delivered by our Team. If you would like to do your own instruction, options are available for facility co-ordination and logistics planning. 
Breaching techniques vary based on the type of construction encountered and the types of munitions available to the breaching element. Techniques range from simple mechanical breaching to complex, specialized demolitions.

Customized to your needs and unit.

Contact us to arrange a meeting.

For individual and small team training with pre-set course curriculum you can join in on any of our

Pistol Carbine Clinics or Rifle/Pistol Operator Clinics

We do offer a discount for Canadian Military and Law Enforcement Officers on all of our open public courses. We limit participant numbers on every public course to ensure quality in training and privacy of the professionals in attendance. 

Group & Individual Accommodations are available at our lodging facility in Picton for all courses. 

All Courses are instructed by Certified Firearms Professionals, members of Special Forces and Manufacturer Master Instructors. Professional Training Platforms and courses are designed specifically to enhance job related performance.


Email us at for information on specialized courses. 


Picton, Ontario, Canada