Wilderness skills courses & guided excursions

Titan proudly offers open to the public trips and seminars as well as professional level Survival Training. All platforms are geared to keep you safe and having fun while learning skills. Our professional Team Members will ensure you get the best training available with the most current and up to date skills and techniques. S.E.R.E Trained Instructors and Survival Experts give you hands-on training and experience to make sure you make it home safe. 

Wilderness survival & outdoor pursuits

Experience the outdoors with some of the safest and most experienced group of friends. We turn camping and outdoor adventures into a unique learning environment. Spend time with Special Forces and Outdoor enthusiasts in a fun and social atmosphere while learning skills and tips and tricks to prepare you for any survival situation. Trips are safe and enjoyable for all ages and skill levels. Have some fun! 

Picton, Ontario, Canada

High Risk survival

S.E.R.E Trained professionals provide in the elements training and experience for you to get the knowledge you need to survive the most dangerous situations. From military deployments to Survival Under Capture Scenarios, learn how to escape, evade and thrive when it all hits the fan. 

Courses are only offered to private groups or individuals.

Email: dmorton@titantc.com for information & arrangements.