Picton, Ontario, Canada

Operator Carbine Clinics
Valid PAL or RPAL required. Courses run in association with the CCFR.

Course Dates:

Saturday October 14th, 2017 - 3 Spots remaining

Law Enforcement & CAF Military discounts - email us for info

Enhance your Carbine and Pistol handling skills. Our course takes the novice to intermediate shooter through the following:

Range safety Rules, Carbine/Pistol selection and accessories, Gear selection and set up, Cover vs concealment, Shooting fundamentals, Magazine changes, malfunction clearing, Shooting positions, Shooting from cover or concealment, Multiple targets, priority of targets, Shooting on the move,Post shooting drills.

Equipment required by candidate
 Restricted or Non restricted semi-automatic center fire rifle, Restricted center fire pistol or revolver
 Five (5) rifle magazines, three (3) pistol magazines or three (3) speed loaders
 Four Hundred (400) rounds of suitable rifle and two hundred and fifty (250) pistol ammunition
 Iron or optics sites
 Chest rig or magazine holder
 Duty belt with holster that covers ¾ of pistol and trigger
 Eye protection
 Hearing protection
 Clothes for inclement weather
 Lunch, snack, water for rehydration, sunscreen.

Course Fee: Course Fee: $245 + taxes. Courses run 9am-5pm
50% deposit required at registration, balance due 15 days prior to course date. All Fees are non-transferable and non-refundable. 

Contact us for payment methods