Picton, Ontario, Canada

 This is a growing sport and we look to encourage it anyway we can. More and more women are interested and enjoying sport shooting, hunting and competitions. Being a proud supporter of Women on the Ranges and offering courses to get you with other like-minded ladies and get out there. Canadian Coalition for Firearms Rights (CCFR) has asked Titan to support this initiative of getting more women to ranges and hunting fields, we couldn't have been more pleased to participate. 

You do not require a PAL or RPAL to be in our beginner courses. We can teach at any Canadian CFO Range. So if you have a private group please contact us and we will gladly come to a range near you.

Our Instructors are experts in the fields, have training as instructors, but also hands-on in field active experience utilizing firearms on duty. Certified Instructors and firendly and easy learning formats make shooting any firearm comfortable and assist in confidence building. All of our courses can be offered in a Women's Only Group.

Learn To Shoot

  • Learn range rules & CFO Regulations
  • Safe handling of a firearm
  • Proper Stance and grips
  • Loading and malfunctions
  • Targeting
  • Use multiple firearms from Rifles to Pistols. 
  • Limited spaces allows personal instruction and more time on the firing line
  • Ammo Included

Your Instructors are Current & Former Canadian Special Forces and Professional High Risk Security Agents who are also the friendliest and most welcoming group of upstanding gentleman Titan has to offer.  

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Ladies On the Range Programs