high risk protection training

Enrollment is subject to interview results by a Titan Tactical & Combat Inc. representative. Applicants must have a clear criminal record and LTC or PAL to participate. Course must be paid in full and no refunds or cancellations 60days prior to start date. 

Picton, Ontario, Canada

Contact us or Email Chief@titantc.com for upcoming course dates.

​​​​​Titan's High Risk Protection Training Program is a week long course designed by Former Israeli Commando's, Current Israeli Special Agent Instructors & Counter Terrorism Experts, International Special Forces along with some of the world's most elite Protection Agents and Tactical Specialists. This program is geared for those who are going into the toughest and most violent circumstances individually or as a team and seek to learn and enhance their skills. 

Titan Training Platform:

Vehicle Maneuvering & Convoy, Hostage Rescue, Gun retention (Long or short gun, holster/sling or in hands), Gun disarming in crowded area, Water Survival, Commando Krav Maga, Mind over body special training, Close quarter protection in a confined places (corridor, elevator, car), Mixed Arts Combat, Firearms TAC 1-4, Escorting, Crowd Control, Emergency Medical, Weapons Disarming, Knife combat, Survival Under Capture, high pressure scenarios, surprise attacks, seize and capture & More.