(CKM) Defensive Combat Seminars

Commando Krav Maga (CKM) Classes are co-ed self defense and personal protection. Open to all fitness levels, ages 14+ and professionals welcome.
Relaxed atmosphere and personal instruction mixed with some fun and fitness. Learn how to survive in the no rules environment of streets. Escape attacks, disarm intruders & attackers, escape holds and ground survival, knife defense, take-downs, pressure points & more. 

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Fitness & Training camps

Picton, Ontario, Canada

We don't have fancy equipment or mind-boggling routines.

​What we do have:

Tactical Fitness for professionals and those seeking careers in high demand fields. Sessions are open to current & potential Law Enforcement, Military and Firefirghters and other First Responders. Contact us for details for your group training. 

General Classes: Open to the public at our gym facility. Functional Training designed with a fun twist for the everyday fitness buff. Bootcamps, Street Defense Tactics and Kickboxing, MMA Conditioning, Thai boxing, TRX Suspension, Training Camps & more. We keep it challenging while providing fun modifiers for those who are out to have a good time and enjoy something new. Come on out and give us a try!

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