Titan Tactical & Combat Inc. has a Training Compound which is the Base of Operations for most of our programs. 

The Titan Training Compound is located at 343 County Road 22, Picton, Ontario, Canada. K0K 2T0

This is formerly the home of the military in WWII known as Camp Picton. Our facility has a run of 13 acres of mixed terrain, buildings and yards. We have access to a 3000sq ft runway, wooded areas, 2500- 24000 sq ft of warehouses, hangers and a 1500sq ft physical training area which includes 900sq ft of combative training area, Tactical Fitness equipment, heavy bags, tire yard and military based training equipment. Main warehouse, primarily for security training, aircraft and other law enforcement drills & exercises, doubles as a indoor obstacle area complete with tire yard and wooden walls and other obstacles. as well as classroom set-up for a functional practical learning environment. The space doubles as an indoor targeting simulation range for practice and drills. The warehouses are easily outfitted for a number of professional drills and exercises. We provide a real feel for most real life scenario's of professional encounters and high risk situations. For civilian special events and classroom learning we are comfortable and still maintain a social and relaxing atmosphere. 

The Backcountry Inn

We also have a private Accommodation Building located 15 minutes from Picton and the Titan Training Compound. The Backcountry Inn can accommodate up to 16 people in the Bunkhouse area and an additional 12 in the upper Private Suites. Shared kitchen for cooking own meals, 12 acres of outdoor woods and firepit. Provides unity during a course/camp and makes transportation simple. Click to view photos.

Contact us for group rates and package pricing for training events. Clients of Titan receive a discount on their accommodations.

Physical Fitness Centre:

Titan has a Physical Fitness Centre in the Compound (Titan Gym). The gym has 900 sq ft of combat flooring mats, functional equipment including TRX Trainers, sandbags, Tire Yard, Poles, Ladders, Drill area and full Boxing Area with Heavy Bags & Equipment. Gym can be rented or incorporated into your package. Click here to view our public training site. 

Range of Use

Firearms Training Courses: We have a unique range which has a 270 shoot with multiple length range options, including a long range for optimal training and variety. 

Surrounding Area:

Titan extends to 13 acres of privately owned land 15 minutes from the training compound at the Titan Lodge. This is heavily wooded and secluded. We have a bunk-house on site which can accommodate 35+ clients and instructors. Inside the Titan Lodge is also an additional 1200 sq ft of open space which can be outfitted for classroom or combative training while keeping the group together. Full kitchen and facilities included. Titan does offer this space to others when not in use for client training and is operated as a Private Hostel for travelers in the county.

The County Landscape for Use:

Prince Edward County is known for its destination landscapes and beaches. From cliffs, rock edges, fresh water surroundings, forestry and fields, the county offers everything to complete an array of training or vacationing. 
Fresh water enables us to complete water training with specialized choppers and aircraft at lower altitudes, as well the terrains, sand-dunes, beaches offer exceptional physical elements for exercise, rappelling, deployment scenarios or just relaxing and enjoying the local kite surfing or world renowned fishing.

If you would like to inquire about running your training program or other inquiries about our facilities Contact Us. 

Titan Professional Facilities and Surrounding Areas

Picton, Ontario, Canada