Picton, Ontario, Canada

WIN - $500!

Plus an additional $700 in prizes & gear:

- Napier Outdoors Tent

- Titan's "Camo Dog" Basics Survival Kit

- Through Adventure Subscription

- *2 Nights - Garden View Suite Accommodation at Titan Lodge for up to 2 people. 

- Complimentary 2 Nights Algonquin Park Pass. (Valid on Backcountry Reservations Only)

24 Hour Survival Challenge

Think You Can Survive Until Help Arrives?

We've all seen it on TV and in the movies. We all know that person who says "I could do that", well here's your chance to prove it! 

Scenario: Lost in the Wilderness and you only have your pack, a map and the clothes on your back. You could be out there for weeks before found and only have 24 hours before the biggest storm of the century hits!  

Who can build the best Home Base to sustain you for weeks in only 24 hours? Oh yeah..It has to withstand the storm!

This is the biggest competition in the Outdoors and Wilderness we can put together. 

Here's your chance to show off your skills in the wilderness! Only 1 person can win at this unique challenge. 

24 Hour Survival Challenge:

-Limited to 10 choice pieces of gear

-Eat What you find or catch

-24 Hours to build your camp

-2L Water (In Bladder,  flask or container)

Must be 18yrs + to Register. 

Email: Chief@titantc.com for registration and details. 

Judging to commence throughout with the final scores to be determined after the Storm and Examination on the final day.